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6 Summer looks that will inspire you November 27 2016, 0 Comments

Melbourne Summer is just around the corner but it really doesn't feel like it! There is a chill in the air and frankly I'm feeling a little depressed so I thought I would cheer myself up by looking at what some of our famous fashion bloggers were wearing in the Northern Hemisphere summer that's just passed.

This will hopefully give you a little bit of inspiration because I sure do need it right now.


                                     Look 1


 Aimee Song wearing a floaty and floral dress. I'm just loving these Chanel block heels.

                                           Look 2

                                                              The skort.


                                            Look 3

'We the people' I love a pleated midi.


                                            Look 4

'Fashion Squad' Surprising new summer trend is the shirt dress. 


                                 Look 5


One of the biggest trends this summer is the 'off the shoulder top.'


                                             Look 6

Olivia Palermo in the Perfect Summer Dress

I hope you feel a little inspired by these different summer looks and I really hope that the weather heats up in Melbourne town. Can't wait to get into some of those summer outfits ;)


How to wear a slip dress without revealing too much November 11 2016, 0 Comments

Am I too old to wear a slip dress? I love the slip dress but for me I don't like the idea of showing too much skin (only because I'm getting older and feel like being a bit more modest) 

The idea of wearing something under the slip really appeals to me. For a start it hides imperfections like aging skin, sun spots, wrinkles, sagging.....all those things that creep up on you when you're over 40.  It's also wonderful for transitional dressing and you can play around with colour and texture.

Here are some different ways of wearing the ever popular slip dress without revealing too much.


A white Tee under a slip dress always looks great!



 Layering over a turtle neck jumper gives this slip dress a casual winter look.



You can wear any type of blouse under a slip dress. I love the play on textures here.



Make a statement by pairing a silk slip dress with a fun striped tee.


 Teaming a long knit slip dress with a blazer makes this look classical.

I'm still on the look out for the perfect slip dress. I sure can't wait though to team it up with all these different under garments to create some amazing looks. I'll let you know when I find it :)


For the Love of Red Accessories October 21 2016, 0 Comments


It's Spring in Melbourne town which means usually windy and unstable weather so layering is key here. I'm wearing my Top Shop striped Midi with a plain white tee and a little short sleeved cardigan that I bought from a thrift shop. My accessories are all vintage and for some reason I'm so loving RED accessories right now.



I've been saving these shoes for literally decades. They were my mothers from the 70's? My mother has passed away now but I've have had them in a box waiting for the day when the block heel would come back.....yes folks the day has finally come! They are so on point right now and I'm so proud to wear them. Made of swede, block heel just the right height, rusty red colour; every fashion girl stares at them when I walk past. My mother would be definitely approving and smiling right now :)


The little neck scarf is my favorite and it always seems to come out at this time of the year. This was also my mothers and it's very old, probably 1950's. I just love the colours and floral pattern in this scarf, it reminds me of spring. Red, white and blue is a great colour combination for me.


The red bag is also recycled, given to me new a few years ago by my step daughter who didn't want it. First time I've used it, I thought it went very well with this outfit. I like the little metallic handle and it fits heaps of stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I will come up with a few more outfit combinations soon. Mixing old and new is my favorite thing to do :) Thanks for reading. XX

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How the most simple accessory can rock your wardrobe. September 15 2016, 0 Comments

The scarf is such a simple accessory yet it can be totally overlooked. It can sometimes make an outfit and is an easy way to bring in your own personal style. I've rounded up some different types of scarves that are rocking it this season.



The Neck Scarf

The neck scarf has an old world feel about it. (think Grace Kelly) Because they're narrow it's almost like wearing a choker. Thrift or second hand stores have the best vintage neck scarves.

Paris fashion couture week from Stylograph


From Fashion Me Now on Bloglovin


The Skinny Neck Scarf

The Skinny neck scarf is perfect for Spring or Fall as it's light weight and breezy. It looks so cute tied as a bow, knotted to the side, wrapped as a choker or let loose at the front.




The Oversized Scarf

The oversized scarf has been in vogue for a long time and is a no brainer when it comes to the layering look we want to achieve. It can add so much to an outfit especially if you want to add a pop of colour and stay warm.



Blair Eadie from Atlantic/Pacific


The Pashmina

It was bound to happen, everything else from the 90's has come back and now it is the time for the return of the Pashmina, bought back into style by the trend setter her self Gigi Hadid. She has given it a 2016 spin by wearing it half way off and down her elbows.


Gigi Hadid from Splash News

Pashmina is made from a fine type of cashmere wool, usually hand spun mainly around Kashmir and Nepal.

Prediction: The pashmina will return for winter in a big way! I'm excited because I still have my stash from the 90's in good condition.


Aneva oversized scarf : Buy online $29

I hope you enjoyed reading. It's been very cold in Melbourne this week so I've been wearing my oversized scarves (we have a nice variety on our online store) and yes I did pull out my pashminas :)






How to tackle transitional dressing without having a meltdown September 09 2016, 0 Comments

Spring is definitely here in Melbourne town which means annoying up and down weather with huge extremes! Unless you're super organized you're  probably going to be caught out in inconsistent weather in an unexpected outfit at least a few times so the question is how do we transition easily into the next season?

The answer is layering! Us Melbournians are experts at this as we can have 4 seasons in one day literally. You don't have to get a full new spring wardrobe, the 5 layering pieces below can help you get through Yo-Yo weather season.


Gorgeous layering from Caroline De Maigret. She layers a mid weight coat over a floaty summer dress with winter boots.

Mid Weight Jacket

Your medium winter coat or jacket can be easily transitioned into spring. Instead of pairing it with heavy clothing, pair it with lighter, softer materials like silk pants, shorts or floaty dress. Use lighter colors to give that fresh spring feeling. A light weight trench, silky bomber, denim jacket or wool cardigan is a perfect cover on those breezy Spring nights.


Pale,light weight pieces under a colored jacket adds to that spring feeling.

White Tee/White Shirt

These are the perfect layering pieces that we should all have in our wardrobe. They look great under a slip dress, maxi dress, overalls....the combinations are endless. They also bring a nice light feeling to a spring outfit.


Style Du Monde: Great layering look with slip dress and denim jeans. By the way,the skirt over pants is back in!


There is sort of a rule of thumb for denim; lighter (including white) shades of denim for warmer months and darker shades going to black for the cooler seasons. Denim is one of those great transeasonal materials as it breathes but it can still keep you warm or cool. It can be layered in so many ways. Don't forget that double denim is cool these days.


Olivia Palermo wears flared Denim jeans. I love this 70's vibe. You can layer this with a denim jacket too.

The Sleeveless Trench

If you have to buy anything new for the season this would be it. A sleeveless Trench or vest can be long to your ankle or to your knees, it can be thrown over a dress, tee, button down or over a sweater and it will always look elegant. It's long silhouette also means it can be very slimming and that's always a plus :)


The sleeveless trench will give you that extra bit of cover and warmth when you need it, without being too hot.


We often take scarves for granted but they can be a great layering piece. There are so many different types around now but I will keep that for the next post. To state the obvious, they keep your neck warm especially at this time of the year when there might be a chill in the air. I'm not partial to getting cold so I always have a scarf around my neck at this time of the year.

Tying an oversized scarf on your handbag is a great idea, if it gets cold just take it off and give your self some extra warmth.

Thank you for reading and I hope these tips will help you get through this time of the year. Just remember layering can give you lots of opportunity to mix and match which can be great fun :)


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6 Spring trends to try now September 02 2016, 0 Comments

It's the start of Spring in the Southern hemisphere (although you wouldn't know it in Melbourne) and that's a big YAY from me! Tired of wearing my winter staple of black skinny jeans and black turtle neck, I can't wait to get into lighter, brighter Spring Fashion.

This time of the year always excites me because I get to work out what is in vogue for spring, what changes I can make to my wardrobe and hence what I should be putting on my shopping list.... 

I've been looking at the trends coming through for Spring and there are so many good ones but I've managed to choose 6 top trends that I think you could start wearing right now.

 The Neck Scarf

In Jewellery and accessories its all about the neck right now. The choker has become a staple and the neck scarf is part of this trend. Its a little bit old school ( think Grace Kelly ) and can add interest to your outfit. You can buy some great vintage ones from second hand stores too.


The White Shirt

If you don't have a white shirt you need to get yourself one now. You will be able to wear it all year round, it is a basic that will go with everything, whether it be jeans, shorts, skirts or even under a little slip dress. I have bought a couple of white shirts from Top Shop and I love them.


The Slip Dress

The slip dress is one of the biggest trends right now and it can carry you from spring well into summer. In cooler days you can wear it layered over a white shirt or a tee and maybe a little bomber and when its warmer with beautiful bare skin. Unbelievably it is one of the most versatile dresses you will own.


White Sneakers

For me this is the best thing that's happened in fashion for a long time. (At last we can be stylish and comfortable at the same time) Sneakers can now be paired with anything; pants, skirts and dresses, in the office and even to evening events. A beautiful pair of white sneakers can bring your outfit to the next level. I bought myself a pair of white Superga sneakers which have been super comfortable.



The Cold Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops and dresses will be big this season. It doesn't matter what size, shape or age you are, the shoulder will always be an erogenous zone and it can be flattering for almost everyone.

 The Slipper

Are they backless loafers, slides or slippers? They look like slippers to me, especially the fuzzy version, nevertheless they are a huge trend overseas and apparently they are here to stay! Not sure if I'll be wearing them or maybe I'll just get used to wearing slippers out? lol



There are so many more Spring/Summer trends that didn't make my top 6 list but I will leave those for another time. I hope this helps you think about your Spring wardrobe and please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Spring peeps!

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Style Trend: What will be on your must have list next season? August 19 2016, 0 Comments

There are two types of campuses when talking about stockings and tights; those who like to bare legs and those who like to have warm legs. I’m definitely from the warm leg campus. I love a pair of beautiful patterned tights; it leaves something to the imagination and can be so seductive.

Chiara Ferragni total look Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and collant Calzedonia 

The nineties were all about beautiful stockings and tights; we had them in every variety, colour and pattern possible. I remember being in Wolford’s in Paris and buying the most divine tights that I still have. I wore them with tight knit micro miniskirts ever so hip hugging and high heel pumps a la Robert Palmer, 'addicted to love'. (The girls in his film clip were so hot, wearing black micro mini dresses, black stockings and they were all brunettes)


Kenndal Jenner for Fendi campaign

Since the start of the naughties the bare leg brigade has ruled. All of a sudden (and it happened over night) stockings and tights were out and we were sort of forced (as fashionistas) out in the cold to bare our legs. This was bad for me because I have lilly white legs, I now needed to use an instant tanning lotion and then there is the waxing and shaving issue. Also what do you do when its freezing cold outside and you want to wear a dress?

Gucci Fall 2016

My beautiful collection of Wolford tights have been sitting in my wardrobe for over 16 years collecting dust and now it is time to take them out. It has taken a little while to get the confirmation from the runway but the past couple of shows have shown that tights will be fall/winter 2016/2017 most desired objects. YAY!

Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2016-2017

We had a variety of tights and stockings on the runway from fishnets that can now be converted to day time options and can be worn with flat shoes to Burberry's thicker more elaborate versions, which by the way, I have a very similar pair bought from Wolford’s in the 90’s. Gucci had pastel coloured tights matching the outfits and Chanel had a beautiful lace version.

Chanel prefall Paris in Rome 2016

On the streets and this is where trends are confirmed Chiara Ferragni  chose to wear for Giamba’s Milan show a red Giamba dress, a pair of black Dr. Martens boots matched with Calzedonia micro polka dotted fishnets. She has been seen wearing a variety of opaque tights from Calzedonia,  a fantastic leg wear brand for Italian women. At the Chanel show Olivia Palermo (my favourite style icon) wore a Chanel ballerina dress with black tights.

Olivia Palermo wears Chanel dress with black stockings at Annual Love Ball in Paris

Chiara Ferragni wearing Calzedonia micro polka dotted fishnets.

Warm legs are on the rise (even our bare leg sisters would have to agree) and it’s no surprise as anything from the 90’s seems to have come back to vogue. It makes sense especially for trans seasonal dressing. It’s a nice way to wear a dress, skirt or even shorts and keep warm at the same time in unpredictable weather. A beautiful pair of Stockings and tights can be very sexy, the eyes go straight to the leg and that can be ever so seductive

My 90's Wolford tights, I'm so excited to wear these again.

Wolford: still going strong and my favorite!

I hope you enjoyed reading and that my secret fetish for stockings and tights have rubbed off a little.

P.S. In the past it was a real NO to wearing any type of stocking/tights with open toe shoes. It seems that this is not the case now and it is all GO!

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A brief history of the Bomber Jacket August 12 2016, 0 Comments

Lately I’ve been talking about coats and jackets and how styles keep resurfacing in the fashion round about. The ‘It jacket’ of the moment and the one that has been seen coming in and out through the decades is the faithful ‘bomber’

I’ve seen the bomber already twice in my lifetime, it appeared in the 70’s when I was a teenager and came back in the 90’s. I still have my red fake fur bomber, designed by a friend of mine with matching fury bra! I can’t believe that I wore the whole set out to clubs…I was pretty outrageous in those days…


My 90's red fur bomber jacket was designed by a friend who had his own label in those days called 'Krisar'. I used to have the matching red fur bra. Not sure where that's gone??

The bomber jacket also known as the flight jacket was created during World War 1 for pilots to use. It was shorter than most jackets at the time, fitted at the waist with lots of space at the stomach and chest. This made it much easier for sitting as pilots do for long periods of time.

Marylin Monroe visiting troops in Korea in 1954 wearing a flight jacket (as it was known in those days.) I think she may have been the first person to make the bomber look feminine and stylish.



The bomber jacket with blatant military roots was made even more popular during WW2 and then again for the Vietnam War. Its popularity is such today that it can be found in the most exclusive fashion labels like Gucci, Stella Mccartney and the like.

The bomber has evolved from heavy duty masculine garment used in warfare to a unisex, light weight version in soft silks and a variety of colours and silhouettes with embroidery, fun appliques and favourite pins or you can just go simple and oversized. It has certainly come a long way. Today it has become the symbol of style.              



              Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - wearing a modern army green bomber jacket.

6 Reasons why you should buy yourself a bomber jacket today! August 10 2016, 0 Comments

You probably already know (unless you’ve had your head in a bucket of sand) that the bomber jacket is the jacket of the moment!

Of all of 2016's most wearable trends, the bomber jacket is the biggest so far. Style it with everything from your favourite LWD and LBD  to jeans and leggings with a  graphic tee. You can throw it over an evening dress with high heels or dress it down with jeans and sneakers.

Olivia Palermo can make a plain khaki bomber look amazing.

Being winter in Melbourne, it’s a perfect time to buy yourself a bomber. I think everyone should own one at least. These are my 6 reasons why you should buy yourself a bomber today.

  1. You can wear it with anything (jeans, shorts, slip dress, skirt, tee shirt, white shirt, maxi dress - the list goes on.)
  2. It will transition you from winter into spring/summer beautifully.
  3. There are some light weight bombers in the market so you will be able to keep wearing it in the warmer seasons.
  4. It will keep you warm
  5. Dress it up, dress it down.
  6. It will still be on trend next winter (the bomber is here to stay for a while)

Top Shop satin pink bomber

Some people think bombers are too masculine or too sporty but there are many different types from pretty satin pastel bombers to ones with embroidered flowers and motifs to more masculine Khaki types. There are so many variations, they can be worn casually and at the same time be very elegant. I have some images of different bomber jackets below.

The popular Gucci bomber jacket has been worn by stars such as Madonna


 Stella Mccartney Flower embroidery jacket

I'm loving my little bomber jacket....I didn't think I would so much this time round (I've already seen it come and go twice in my lifetime) but I'm finding it just so versatile. My next couple of posts will be about the history of the bomber and the many ways you can style one. I hope you enjoyed reading and have a wonderful Wednesday!





The 4 AW16 Style Trends that we will be wearing next season. July 27 2016, 0 Comments

The Autumn Winter 2016 fashion shows are the trend setters for what we will be wearing next season.

We as Aussies are lucky that we are one season behind so we can get to see the trends and  street styles (street style can actually dictate fashion these days) and how they can be worn ahead of time. At the moment I’m looking at our international ‘street style stars’ and seeing their outfit combos for summer….so much fun, so many cool outfits!  

These AW16 trends will be coming through next year for our autumn/winter. Good for us, so that we can prepare and have in mind, that what we buy now will still be on trend next year and the year after and maybe way after….

                               Gucci AW16

The 4 key trends for the AW16

Kooky Eccentric 

This is the new kid on the block. It can be called the Gucci Effect, a mismatch of opposing colours, contrasting crazy patterns, models wearing anything from frayed edge tweeds, luxurious silks to tiaras and huge 70’s sunglasses.

The Kooky eccentric is offbeat, unconventional with a sense of style and who definitely does not follow outdated rules. This trend will be an interesting one to watch; it requires confidence as it is quite out there, however there will be toned down versions of the kooky eccentric. Watch this space and I will let you know how.

                                Gucci AW16 

Lace Love

Romantic lace will remain for a while longer. It was seen reworked into new variations on the slip dress, tie neck blouses and beautiful sheer black tops with ruffles and fluidity that can easily transfer your outfit from day to night. This fluid silhouette is great for our coming summer as its light weight so if you’re looking for a new look for our spring/summer this is a good one to go for as it can be worn in our following winter.

                                Mulberry AW16

Earthy Neutrals

Earthy neutral tones in olive, khaki and terracotta were seen on the runway along with copper tones, warm rust and cognac shades adding depth and richness. Soft camel and white to lighten a darker pallet was refreshing. Also Brown has made a big colour comeback; we will be seeing lots more brown next year! The silhouette is oversized with languid lines, perfect for cocooning yourself in a cold winter.


                            Dior AW16

Pretty Pleats

Pleats and plisse have already been seen in our fast fashion stores and I’m happy to say that they are here to stay! They were seen on the runway everywhere from pretty knee length kilt skirts to long ball gowns in block colours. This is such a practical trend (for those of you like me, who love practical fashion)

You can dress a pleated skirt up with a pair of high heels and dress it down with white sneakers and a bomber. You’ve got to love that! I bought a pleated skirt a little while ago and I’m so happy with it. Watch this space for my pleated skirt styling tips!

                                Gucci AW16

                                Vanessa Bruno AW16

Thank you for reading and I hope you are excited as I am about some of these trends coming through for Autumn/winter.

P.S. Red is making a come back. This makes me very happy :)

Trench Fever….the fascinating History of The Trench Coat! July 22 2016, 0 Comments

Trench fever was actually a disease transmitted by lice that came from World War1 trenches.These days it has been used in advertising for selling luxury Trench Coats in department stores and the like. Interesting that the full context of its meaning is mostly forgotten today.

Fall 2016 Burberry patent leather trench coat.

The Trench coat as its name indicates, came from WW1 trenches.

Trenches were networks of narrow, deep ditches, open to the elements.  They were horrid places, cold, smelly, ridden with diseases. Soldiers had to endure periods of intense boredom without even sleep, punctuated by moments of extreme action.

Before WW1 soldiers wore dense woolen long overcoats that were heavy even when dry let alone when wet and caked with mud. In the trenches these coats were going to be a liability, soldiers needed something that was going to be shorter, lighter, more flexible, warm but ventilated, and still weatherproof. The trench coat was going to fit the bill perfectly!

Original WW1 Trench Coat

In fact The trench coat was invented 100 years before WW1 in 1914. Around 1823 an inventor named Charles Macintosh developed rubberized cotton weatherproof outerwear for both civilian and military use. These 'macks' were great at keeping rain out, but unfortunately they kept the sweat in as well and produced a ghastly smell of its own!

Through time there were improvements to this waterproof material and in 1853 John Emary  developed and patented a more appealing, less smelly water repellent fabric. He renamed his company Aquascutum and his focus was designing wet weather gear for the gentry.

Around the same time 21 year old Thomas Burberry (familiar name?) founded his mens wear company Eponymous and he invented 'gabardine', a breathable yet weatherproof material that was light weight and could drape well. Burberry’s gabardine coats were also popular with the upper class and sporty types. 


The main players in the development of the Trench coat were therefore Aquascutum, Burberry and to some extent Mackintosh . It was only a matter of time before the trench coat took shape. It was the Crimean war and the Boar war to follow that was going to dictate how this was going to happen.

Both Burberry and Aquascutum take credit for the trench coat, and it’s unclear who really was the first. They both had strong ties to the military and both developed outwear similar to the trench coat. Burberry might be slightly ahead as it was one of the signature manufacturers of the trench coat and in 1912  Burberry patented a knee-length, weatherproofed coat very like the trench coat called a “Tielocken”, which featured a belt at the waist and broad lapels.


The popularity of the Trench coat remained after the wars and now has become nostalgic, romanticized by Hollywood in movies like Casablanca, film noir, spy movies and who can forget the bumbling inspector Clouseau of The Pink Panther series in his white trench!

The Trench Coat is on every bloggers must have list for a reason. Its fashion classic, its functional and a very stylish item that can be endlessly updated, being redesigned constantly with many variations of the original. (it is redesigned every four months) The trench coat is a survivor. Not only did it survive conflict at war but it also made its transition from combatant to fashion-victim beautifully.

 Reference: McRobbie, L. R. (2015) The Classy Rise of the Trench Coat.

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The one coat that every woman should have in her wardrobe. July 19 2016, 0 Comments

My last blog post was about the vintage coat and why we should keep our coats. I have a wardrobe full of them! This made me think if I could only have one coat which one would it be? My definitive answer would be “The Classic Trench Coat”

Paris 'It Girl' Jeanne Damas wearing Burberry Trench Coat

I had a black Trench for many years and it’s one of my ‘go to coats’ whether it’s to pick up kids from school, run errands or to wear on top of an evening dress. It just works! This winter I bought my self an off white Trench which I just love with the pale/white trend that’s going on right now. It looks great with white jeans, white shirt or denim shirt. Recently I've been wearing it with my Top Shop blue ankle flairs, white shirt and my mums 1960's red block heel pumps.You can create so many looks with the one coat.


Off white trench coat from studio-w. I bought it from David Jones for only $160! I thought it was a bargain! Blue flair ankle pants and white shirt - Top shop, red bag - Oroton, scarf - Aneva and block heel swede pumps are vintage.

4 Reasons why you should own a Trench coat.

  1. A light weight Trench is perfect for the Australian Climate. I come from Melbourne where the weather is up and down like a yo-yo and our winters are never cold enough to warrant a very heavy coat. The Trench will shield you from the wind and rain but not be too heavy and cumbersome that it will weigh you down and make you feel too hot.
  1. It’s great for layering. The Trench is so light weight that you can almost wear anything underneath it. I bought mine one size bigger so that I can wear a thicker jumper underneath or layer a T-shirt and button down. You can throw it over whatever you’re wearing and it looks great!
  1. It is a wonderful travel coat. It is so light weight you can roll it up and put it in your luggage or carry it on the plane. It will always look stylish.
  1. It’s so versatile. You can elevate the Trench by throwing it over an evening dress with some killer heels. Dress it down by wearing it over jeans or even shorts, running errands, quick dash to the supermarket or simply taking the garbage out (no one would know that you’re wearing your pyjamas underneath.)


Burberry Trench from net-a-porter. I love this look with the white jeans and white shirt!

On my wish list is of course the Burberry trench coat. (They were one of the first to produce the trench) One day I will own one, the price tag does enter the 4 digits but I think it will be worth it, I know I would definitely get my wear out of it!

The trench coat is another one of those iconic, nostalgic garments that has a fascinating history. I think its really interesting to know where and why something has come about so my next post will be the 'amazing rise of the Trench' :)


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5 reasons why you should always keep your coats. July 06 2016, 0 Comments

It’s winter in Melbourne and it’s been so cold that I’ve been wearing many of my coats.(Yes I'm a coat collector and I have a separate wardrobe full of them) It’s made me think about the importance of winter outwear.

I’ve been around long enough to know that your winter outwear is a clothing staple and that there are a handful of classical styles that keep coming back through the fashion roundabout.


Getty Images: Coloured Coat. This is a classic style that keeps coming back.

Take my Vintage French Leopard Print Coat that I wore to the Bendigo Art Gallery. It was given to me by a beautiful friend of mine in 1997 and I have worn it every year since! When I first started wearing it in the 90’s it really stood out because leopard print was so unfashionable then.That’s what made it different and I loved how it made heads turn. Now it blends in with all the other leopard print around and it actually looks so current. I will always wear this coat, firstly for sentimental reasons, it’s so classic and I just love it!


My vintage leopard print coat worn with Top Shop black jeans, Uniqlo black turtleneck, Louis Vuitton bag and Aneva Karen sunglasses.

The other coat that I pulled out of my wardrobe this season is my burgundy fur coat also bought in the 90’s. I wore it to death then, burgundy was in fashion and I was a burgundy/red girl….it looked great! Then the trends changed and I left it in my wardrobe for around 20 years! Yes I am that old :) This winter I wore my Top Shop faux swede burgundy shift dress and needed something warm to wear on top. I looked into my coat wardrobe and that burgundy coat stood out to me……tried it on. Wala…!! Amazing look! I was so pleased that I had kept it and now I’m wearing it again :)

My vintage burgundy fur coat worn with Top Shop faux swede shift dress, burgundy tights, over the knee boots and Louis Vuitton bag.

       Five reasons why you should never throw away your coats: Here they are!

  1. Coats are a staple so the styles stay on trend longer therefore it’s worth holding onto them.
  2. They are generally an expensive item so you would want to keep them.
  3. If you keep them long enough they will definitely come back into fashion and some will never go out.
  4. They will become vintage!
  5. It’s good to have a collection of different coats and jackets to go with different looks and for that moment when you can say yesss it looks good with this outfit....

My next post will be about  other styles of winter outwear that are a must for this season like the Trench Coat and the infamous Bomber Jacket....I will keep you posted! Thanks for reading and keep warm!

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My day out with Marilyn June 29 2016, 0 Comments

Last Sunday I went to the Bendigo Art Gallery, around150 K out of Melbourne, to visit the Marilyn Monroe Art exhibition. If she was still alive Marilyn would have turned 90 this month! Even though the years have advanced time has not forgotten this iconic screen idol. She is as popular as ever!


The Bendigo City Center has been transformed into a busy tourist hub with many vintage shops showing iconic Marilyn Hollywood dresses and other M M merchandise in their front windows. The center of the town has a gigantic 8 meter high Marilyn sculpture made by Seward Johnson. It has been seen in various towns in the USA and its international debut is in Bendigo!


We prebooked tickets to see the exhibition and entry times were staggered throughout the day but even so the gallery was packed with people being a Sunday afternoon.

I thought I would wear my French 1950's retro leopard print raincoat to this event. It fits the vintage theme and kept me warm! My black jeans are from Top Shop, black turtleneck jumper Uniqlo, bag Louis Vuitton, and my Karen  sunglasses are from the Aneva online store.


Although a little crowded the show was lovely with lots of photographs of the very young Norma Jean to the voluptuous and infamous actress that she became. There were a number of screens around the gallery of her films including of course her famous 'diamonds are a girls best friend' and her rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to Mr President JFK. Of course there were myriads of her outfits, some recognizable like the red dress she wore when wooing the troops in Korea and the more private outfits she wore by Emilio Pucci.

This crystal embossed red dress was one of her favorites, she wore it a number of times and held onto to it until the end of her life.

One thought I had while viewing all the M M images was that she was a very beautiful and photogenic woman and it is true that a woman's most significant accessory is really her smile. Marilyn knew how to work that amazing smile and in that smile one could see her love of life, insecurities, vulnerabilities, her great femininity and confidence in showing it to the world.



The exhibition finishes on the 10th July so you need to get there in the next few weeks if you want to see it. It really is worth seeing and spending a weekend in the beautiful historical township of Bendigo.

Pops of Yellow June 16 2016, 0 Comments

5 Fashion Trends from MBFWA Resort 2017 June 10 2016, 0 Comments


Although Australia Fashion Week is already over this year it takes a while to digest the trends and work out what we might be wearing next summer.

This was the MBFWA Resort 2017 season and it focused on resort collections. The fashions were light, airy and easy to wear just what Aussies are good at doing.

The opening show in Sydney was by Toni Maticevski who is one of our top designers and has been around since 1999 and it closed with the iconic Oscar de la Renta just to add some international glamour to the event. This was the first international luxury brand on Australian shores and this is why MBFWA Resort 2017 was so important for Australian fashion. Let's hope that it is a taste of things to come.

These are some of the trends that I saw coming through

90's structure


Photo Getty Images

Toni Maticevski's deconstructed white skirt is exciting and can elevate even a simple T shirt. Long loose ties were particularly evident throughout all the collections. The elegance and straight lines in this outfit reminds me of the 90's.


Photo Georgia Alice

Simple monochromatic themes in mainly black, white and grey were evident throughout all the parades. This grey suit from Georgia Alice was so classical and cool.



Photo Ginger and Smart

Ginger and Smart produced some breathtaking lace garments as well as the house of Oscar de la Renta. I predict we will be seeing a lot of lace next summer.

 Pops of yellow        

Photo Toni Maticevski

I noticed many of the designers using pops of yellow to brighten up a monochromatic theme. The outfit above from Toni Maticevski was dynamite! Love the proportions on this dress with the oversized ruffle to the narrow pencil skirt.

 The waist is back



Photo Oscar de la Renta

There were many maxi dresses on the runway and I noticed that many were cinched in the waist or belted like this one from Oscar de la Renta. The belt has been overlooked in the past few years but I think it is on the way back.

Burda & Me May 31 2016, 0 Comments


I"m the Anna from the Aneva team. This is my blog about Style, Fashion trends and all the things that I have learnt and loved about this intriguing world of Fashion.

Let's face it, I am a certain age and I have probably seen it all!

What fascinates me are the trends that seem to go around but with slightly different twists to the originals. I love seeing the burnt orange flowery patterns of the 70's with slightly flared jeans along side with the structured more fitted look of the 90's that are currently on trend. This is what brings me joy and great excitement.

I suppose my love of fashion started when I was a very young girl when my mother who was Italian and a seamstress would buy Burda Magazine every month. This was a high fashion magazine from Germany that also had patterns for every outfit in the magazine! To me it was a mind boggling array of twisted colored lines on one massive sheet of paper but it was worth its weight in Gold.

 We would spend our evenings leafing through these magazines (my mother collected them from 1961 well into the 80's) and picking out outfits that we loved. Needless to say I was the best dressed little girl in the neighborhood with the grooviest clothes....I remember my red crinkled vinyl hot pants worn with knee high white boots and I was only 12 maybe younger?  My poor mother made my outfits while I was well into my 20's and even 30's all from Burda Magazine!


I have a definite sense of style and I've always known how to put things together so in this blog I'm going to talk about current trends, how they are connected to past trends and how we can put them together in an amazing overall look.





Business Chics Thrive Workshop May 31 2016, 0 Comments

Last Friday I was invited to the Business Chicks Thrive workshop presented by the gorgeous and vibrant Agapi Stassinipoulos.

The event was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne. It was so nice to be surrounded by a conglomerate of women trying to do their best in work, business and family life. They were a fashionable lot too. I had a great time standing in the foyer looking at some of the 80's power suits in sight :)

Agapi (meaning unconditional love in Greek) was an amazing presenter. I've never met anyone who could hold an audience like she did and she spoke for 3 hours solid! I never got bored....I was so enthralled by what she had to say.

Basically the workshop was about redefining success and creating a life of well being, wisdom, wonder and compassion. This was right down my ally....I love anything to do with the Power of the Mind and being able to manifest a beautiful life. Anyone remember The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? It was all the rage a few years ago, Oprah Winfrey was it's biggest fan. I studied, believed and followed its mantra then but over the years I've forgotten some of the points. It was so good to be reminded by Agapi on Friday in such a joyous way.

We danced, laughed at her very funny jokes, interacted with each other (surprisingly I opened up to some women who I didn't even know about some very private things), we cried at some sad stories, exchanged our vulnerabilities and at the end we all hugged each other! Overall it was a great day of connection.

Photo in order from left Cristina Re, Anna-Maria Nonis, Agapi Stassinopoulos and Mary Dioniso

If you want to know more you can buy her book Unbinding The Heart by Agapi Stassinopoulos or Thrive by her sister Arianna Huffington




Launch of Aneva online store July 17 2014, 0 Comments

We are very excited to announce that the Aneva online store has been formally launched after much hard work....blood, sweat and tears!

Our motto is 'For Every Girl'  and we aim to provide beautiful accessories and other fashion items for all the girls out there.....

The blog will be about all the things that we love and are inspired by as well as keeping you up to date with all our upcoming events and news.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support and hope that you enjoy our blog :)