How to wear a slip dress without revealing too much November 11 2016, 0 Comments

Am I too old to wear a slip dress? I love the slip dress but for me I don't like the idea of showing too much skin (only because I'm getting older and feel like being a bit more modest) 

The idea of wearing something under the slip really appeals to me. For a start it hides imperfections like aging skin, sun spots, wrinkles, sagging.....all those things that creep up on you when you're over 40.  It's also wonderful for transitional dressing and you can play around with colour and texture.

Here are some different ways of wearing the ever popular slip dress without revealing too much.


A white Tee under a slip dress always looks great!



 Layering over a turtle neck jumper gives this slip dress a casual winter look.



You can wear any type of blouse under a slip dress. I love the play on textures here.



Make a statement by pairing a silk slip dress with a fun striped tee.


 Teaming a long knit slip dress with a blazer makes this look classical.

I'm still on the look out for the perfect slip dress. I sure can't wait though to team it up with all these different under garments to create some amazing looks. I'll let you know when I find it :)