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The one coat that every woman should have in her wardrobe. July 19 2016, 0 Comments

My last blog post was about the vintage coat and why we should keep our coats. I have a wardrobe full of them! This made me think if I could only have one coat which one would it be? My definitive answer would be “The Classic Trench Coat”

Paris 'It Girl' Jeanne Damas wearing Burberry Trench Coat

I had a black Trench for many years and it’s one of my ‘go to coats’ whether it’s to pick up kids from school, run errands or to wear on top of an evening dress. It just works! This winter I bought my self an off white Trench which I just love with the pale/white trend that’s going on right now. It looks great with white jeans, white shirt or denim shirt. Recently I've been wearing it with my Top Shop blue ankle flairs, white shirt and my mums 1960's red block heel pumps.You can create so many looks with the one coat.


Off white trench coat from studio-w. I bought it from David Jones for only $160! I thought it was a bargain! Blue flair ankle pants and white shirt - Top shop, red bag - Oroton, scarf - Aneva and block heel swede pumps are vintage.

4 Reasons why you should own a Trench coat.

  1. A light weight Trench is perfect for the Australian Climate. I come from Melbourne where the weather is up and down like a yo-yo and our winters are never cold enough to warrant a very heavy coat. The Trench will shield you from the wind and rain but not be too heavy and cumbersome that it will weigh you down and make you feel too hot.
  1. It’s great for layering. The Trench is so light weight that you can almost wear anything underneath it. I bought mine one size bigger so that I can wear a thicker jumper underneath or layer a T-shirt and button down. You can throw it over whatever you’re wearing and it looks great!
  1. It is a wonderful travel coat. It is so light weight you can roll it up and put it in your luggage or carry it on the plane. It will always look stylish.
  1. It’s so versatile. You can elevate the Trench by throwing it over an evening dress with some killer heels. Dress it down by wearing it over jeans or even shorts, running errands, quick dash to the supermarket or simply taking the garbage out (no one would know that you’re wearing your pyjamas underneath.)


Burberry Trench from net-a-porter. I love this look with the white jeans and white shirt!

On my wish list is of course the Burberry trench coat. (They were one of the first to produce the trench) One day I will own one, the price tag does enter the 4 digits but I think it will be worth it, I know I would definitely get my wear out of it!

The trench coat is another one of those iconic, nostalgic garments that has a fascinating history. I think its really interesting to know where and why something has come about so my next post will be the 'amazing rise of the Trench' :)


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5 Fashion Trends from MBFWA Resort 2017 June 10 2016, 0 Comments


Although Australia Fashion Week is already over this year it takes a while to digest the trends and work out what we might be wearing next summer.

This was the MBFWA Resort 2017 season and it focused on resort collections. The fashions were light, airy and easy to wear just what Aussies are good at doing.

The opening show in Sydney was by Toni Maticevski who is one of our top designers and has been around since 1999 and it closed with the iconic Oscar de la Renta just to add some international glamour to the event. This was the first international luxury brand on Australian shores and this is why MBFWA Resort 2017 was so important for Australian fashion. Let's hope that it is a taste of things to come.

These are some of the trends that I saw coming through

90's structure


Photo Getty Images

Toni Maticevski's deconstructed white skirt is exciting and can elevate even a simple T shirt. Long loose ties were particularly evident throughout all the collections. The elegance and straight lines in this outfit reminds me of the 90's.


Photo Georgia Alice

Simple monochromatic themes in mainly black, white and grey were evident throughout all the parades. This grey suit from Georgia Alice was so classical and cool.



Photo Ginger and Smart

Ginger and Smart produced some breathtaking lace garments as well as the house of Oscar de la Renta. I predict we will be seeing a lot of lace next summer.

 Pops of yellow        

Photo Toni Maticevski

I noticed many of the designers using pops of yellow to brighten up a monochromatic theme. The outfit above from Toni Maticevski was dynamite! Love the proportions on this dress with the oversized ruffle to the narrow pencil skirt.

 The waist is back



Photo Oscar de la Renta

There were many maxi dresses on the runway and I noticed that many were cinched in the waist or belted like this one from Oscar de la Renta. The belt has been overlooked in the past few years but I think it is on the way back.