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How the most simple accessory can rock your wardrobe. September 15 2016, 0 Comments

The scarf is such a simple accessory yet it can be totally overlooked. It can sometimes make an outfit and is an easy way to bring in your own personal style. I've rounded up some different types of scarves that are rocking it this season.



The Neck Scarf

The neck scarf has an old world feel about it. (think Grace Kelly) Because they're narrow it's almost like wearing a choker. Thrift or second hand stores have the best vintage neck scarves.

Paris fashion couture week from Stylograph


From Fashion Me Now on Bloglovin


The Skinny Neck Scarf

The Skinny neck scarf is perfect for Spring or Fall as it's light weight and breezy. It looks so cute tied as a bow, knotted to the side, wrapped as a choker or let loose at the front.




The Oversized Scarf

The oversized scarf has been in vogue for a long time and is a no brainer when it comes to the layering look we want to achieve. It can add so much to an outfit especially if you want to add a pop of colour and stay warm.



Blair Eadie from Atlantic/Pacific


The Pashmina

It was bound to happen, everything else from the 90's has come back and now it is the time for the return of the Pashmina, bought back into style by the trend setter her self Gigi Hadid. She has given it a 2016 spin by wearing it half way off and down her elbows.


Gigi Hadid from Splash News

Pashmina is made from a fine type of cashmere wool, usually hand spun mainly around Kashmir and Nepal.

Prediction: The pashmina will return for winter in a big way! I'm excited because I still have my stash from the 90's in good condition.


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I hope you enjoyed reading. It's been very cold in Melbourne this week so I've been wearing my oversized scarves (we have a nice variety on our online store) and yes I did pull out my pashminas :)