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5 reasons why you should always keep your coats. July 06 2016, 0 Comments

It’s winter in Melbourne and it’s been so cold that I’ve been wearing many of my coats.(Yes I'm a coat collector and I have a separate wardrobe full of them) It’s made me think about the importance of winter outwear.

I’ve been around long enough to know that your winter outwear is a clothing staple and that there are a handful of classical styles that keep coming back through the fashion roundabout.


Getty Images: Coloured Coat. This is a classic style that keeps coming back.

Take my Vintage French Leopard Print Coat that I wore to the Bendigo Art Gallery. It was given to me by a beautiful friend of mine in 1997 and I have worn it every year since! When I first started wearing it in the 90’s it really stood out because leopard print was so unfashionable then.That’s what made it different and I loved how it made heads turn. Now it blends in with all the other leopard print around and it actually looks so current. I will always wear this coat, firstly for sentimental reasons, it’s so classic and I just love it!


My vintage leopard print coat worn with Top Shop black jeans, Uniqlo black turtleneck, Louis Vuitton bag and Aneva Karen sunglasses.

The other coat that I pulled out of my wardrobe this season is my burgundy fur coat also bought in the 90’s. I wore it to death then, burgundy was in fashion and I was a burgundy/red girl….it looked great! Then the trends changed and I left it in my wardrobe for around 20 years! Yes I am that old :) This winter I wore my Top Shop faux swede burgundy shift dress and needed something warm to wear on top. I looked into my coat wardrobe and that burgundy coat stood out to me……tried it on. Wala…!! Amazing look! I was so pleased that I had kept it and now I’m wearing it again :)

My vintage burgundy fur coat worn with Top Shop faux swede shift dress, burgundy tights, over the knee boots and Louis Vuitton bag.

       Five reasons why you should never throw away your coats: Here they are!

  1. Coats are a staple so the styles stay on trend longer therefore it’s worth holding onto them.
  2. They are generally an expensive item so you would want to keep them.
  3. If you keep them long enough they will definitely come back into fashion and some will never go out.
  4. They will become vintage!
  5. It’s good to have a collection of different coats and jackets to go with different looks and for that moment when you can say yesss it looks good with this outfit....

My next post will be about  other styles of winter outwear that are a must for this season like the Trench Coat and the infamous Bomber Jacket....I will keep you posted! Thanks for reading and keep warm!

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My day out with Marilyn June 29 2016, 0 Comments

Last Sunday I went to the Bendigo Art Gallery, around150 K out of Melbourne, to visit the Marilyn Monroe Art exhibition. If she was still alive Marilyn would have turned 90 this month! Even though the years have advanced time has not forgotten this iconic screen idol. She is as popular as ever!


The Bendigo City Center has been transformed into a busy tourist hub with many vintage shops showing iconic Marilyn Hollywood dresses and other M M merchandise in their front windows. The center of the town has a gigantic 8 meter high Marilyn sculpture made by Seward Johnson. It has been seen in various towns in the USA and its international debut is in Bendigo!


We prebooked tickets to see the exhibition and entry times were staggered throughout the day but even so the gallery was packed with people being a Sunday afternoon.

I thought I would wear my French 1950's retro leopard print raincoat to this event. It fits the vintage theme and kept me warm! My black jeans are from Top Shop, black turtleneck jumper Uniqlo, bag Louis Vuitton, and my Karen  sunglasses are from the Aneva online store.


Although a little crowded the show was lovely with lots of photographs of the very young Norma Jean to the voluptuous and infamous actress that she became. There were a number of screens around the gallery of her films including of course her famous 'diamonds are a girls best friend' and her rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to Mr President JFK. Of course there were myriads of her outfits, some recognizable like the red dress she wore when wooing the troops in Korea and the more private outfits she wore by Emilio Pucci.

This crystal embossed red dress was one of her favorites, she wore it a number of times and held onto to it until the end of her life.

One thought I had while viewing all the M M images was that she was a very beautiful and photogenic woman and it is true that a woman's most significant accessory is really her smile. Marilyn knew how to work that amazing smile and in that smile one could see her love of life, insecurities, vulnerabilities, her great femininity and confidence in showing it to the world.



The exhibition finishes on the 10th July so you need to get there in the next few weeks if you want to see it. It really is worth seeing and spending a weekend in the beautiful historical township of Bendigo.