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Fashion Me

Burda & Me May 31 2016, 0 Comments


I"m the Anna from the Aneva team. This is my blog about Style, Fashion trends and all the things that I have learnt and loved about this intriguing world of Fashion.

Let's face it, I am a certain age and I have probably seen it all!

What fascinates me are the trends that seem to go around but with slightly different twists to the originals. I love seeing the burnt orange flowery patterns of the 70's with slightly flared jeans along side with the structured more fitted look of the 90's that are currently on trend. This is what brings me joy and great excitement.

I suppose my love of fashion started when I was a very young girl when my mother who was Italian and a seamstress would buy Burda Magazine every month. This was a high fashion magazine from Germany that also had patterns for every outfit in the magazine! To me it was a mind boggling array of twisted colored lines on one massive sheet of paper but it was worth its weight in Gold.

 We would spend our evenings leafing through these magazines (my mother collected them from 1961 well into the 80's) and picking out outfits that we loved. Needless to say I was the best dressed little girl in the neighborhood with the grooviest clothes....I remember my red crinkled vinyl hot pants worn with knee high white boots and I was only 12 maybe younger?  My poor mother made my outfits while I was well into my 20's and even 30's all from Burda Magazine!


I have a definite sense of style and I've always known how to put things together so in this blog I'm going to talk about current trends, how they are connected to past trends and how we can put them together in an amazing overall look.