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There are two types of campuses when talking about stockings and tights; those who like to bare legs and those who like to have warm legs. I’m definitely from the warm leg campus. I love a pair of beautiful patterned tights; it leaves something to the imagination and can be so seductive.

Chiara Ferragni total look Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and collant Calzedonia 

The nineties were all about beautiful stockings and tights; we had them in every variety, colour and pattern possible. I remember being in Wolford’s in Paris and buying the most divine tights that I still have. I wore them with tight knit micro miniskirts ever so hip hugging and high heel pumps a la Robert Palmer, 'addicted to love'. (The girls in his film clip were so hot, wearing black micro mini dresses, black stockings and they were all brunettes)


Kenndal Jenner for Fendi campaign

Since the start of the naughties the bare leg brigade has ruled. All of a sudden (and it happened over night) stockings and tights were out and we were sort of forced (as fashionistas) out in the cold to bare our legs. This was bad for me because I have lilly white legs, I now needed to use an instant tanning lotion and then there is the waxing and shaving issue. Also what do you do when its freezing cold outside and you want to wear a dress?

Gucci Fall 2016

My beautiful collection of Wolford tights have been sitting in my wardrobe for over 16 years collecting dust and now it is time to take them out. It has taken a little while to get the confirmation from the runway but the past couple of shows have shown that tights will be fall/winter 2016/2017 most desired objects. YAY!

Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2016-2017

We had a variety of tights and stockings on the runway from fishnets that can now be converted to day time options and can be worn with flat shoes to Burberry's thicker more elaborate versions, which by the way, I have a very similar pair bought from Wolford’s in the 90’s. Gucci had pastel coloured tights matching the outfits and Chanel had a beautiful lace version.

Chanel prefall Paris in Rome 2016

On the streets and this is where trends are confirmed Chiara Ferragni  chose to wear for Giamba’s Milan show a red Giamba dress, a pair of black Dr. Martens boots matched with Calzedonia micro polka dotted fishnets. She has been seen wearing a variety of opaque tights from Calzedonia,  a fantastic leg wear brand for Italian women. At the Chanel show Olivia Palermo (my favourite style icon) wore a Chanel ballerina dress with black tights.

Olivia Palermo wears Chanel dress with black stockings at Annual Love Ball in Paris

Chiara Ferragni wearing Calzedonia micro polka dotted fishnets.

Warm legs are on the rise (even our bare leg sisters would have to agree) and it’s no surprise as anything from the 90’s seems to have come back to vogue. It makes sense especially for trans seasonal dressing. It’s a nice way to wear a dress, skirt or even shorts and keep warm at the same time in unpredictable weather. A beautiful pair of Stockings and tights can be very sexy, the eyes go straight to the leg and that can be ever so seductive

My 90's Wolford tights, I'm so excited to wear these again.

Wolford: still going strong and my favorite!

I hope you enjoyed reading and that my secret fetish for stockings and tights have rubbed off a little.

P.S. In the past it was a real NO to wearing any type of stocking/tights with open toe shoes. It seems that this is not the case now and it is all GO!

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